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What is Soft Washing

Soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning process commonly used to safely treat and remove organic matter: mildew, bacteria, algae, fungus, moss, lichens in addition to dirt, grime, and spiderwebs. Soft washing originated  as an alternative to pressure washing where high-pressure washing service can cause damages.

Unlike concrete, surfaces like wood, vinyl, and roof shingles are much more sensitive materials and therefore soft washing has become a favorite for pressure washing companies. Pressure washing your roof could cause considerable damage, and that is why it is never the best cleaning method for softer surfaces.

When cleaning any exterior surface, it is essential to know which washing method is the most effective and safe. Only a professional cleaning service can know which cleaning method is the best for the surface you need cleaning. By attempting to do it yourself or hiring someone who does not have enough knowledge, you could easily end up doing more harm than good.

We are a professional cleaning service with experience. Depending on the surface you need to be cleaned, we can determine more than the right cleaning method. We know exactly how much PSI is needed and what the perfect cleaning solution is to effectively remove mold, moss, dirt, and algae without damaging the surface. 

How does soft washing work?



Soft pressure washing is the best cleaning method for sensitive surfaces like roofs, wood decks, and vinyl sidings. This method uses low pressure water in combination with detergents to clean surfaces. You may think that soft washing is less effective than pressure washing, but that is far from true. Just because it uses less PSI, doesn’t mean it won’t do the job as good traditional pressure washing.

In fact, soft wash pressure washing is sometimes more effective than standard pressure washing. The combination of low-pressure and the right cleaning solutions is the perfect mixture for eliminating all kinds of organic growth and dirt. By soft washing your exterior surfaces, all the contaminants will be gently washed away so that no damage is done to the material.


If you live in Kansas City and need a professional cleaning service to restore your home’s curb appeal, we’re at your service!

For soft washing, we use special equipment and cleaning solutions to make your exterior surfaces cleaner than ever before without causing any damage. In our cleaning process, we only use eco-friendly detergents that are the industry’s best.

These detergents efficiently remove up to 99% of unwanted dirt, mold, moss, algae, and grime from the surface. With the help of these detergents, we can use low-pressure to wash off all the impurities from the surface without worrying about leaving any stains behind or causing any damage.

For more information about our soft pressure washing process feel free to ask us when scheduling your appointment or while we’re on sight. We strive to provide our customers with fantastic customer service. That’s why we’ll always answer any questions 

What is soft washing used for?

We use soft washing with most of our services. This system and washing techniques allow us to deliver a higher chemical ratio to the cleaning surface which give us better results when cleaning. Our pressure washing and soft washing combination cleaning techniques allow us to receive superior results.

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