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Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial pressure washing is a service that uses high-pressure water and cleaning solutions to remove dirt, grime, and other stubborn substances from commercial buildings and outdoor areas. This service is often used to clean exterior walls, sidewalks, parking lots, and other concrete surfaces.

Commercial pressure washing companies use specialized equipment and cleaning products to provide effective and efficient cleaning services. The pressure and heat generated by the equipment help to remove even the toughest stains, leaving surfaces looking clean and refreshed.

Commercial pressure washing is a cost-effective way to maintain the appearance of your commercial property and can help to enhance its curb appeal and overall value. It is important to choose a reputable and experienced commercial pressure washing company that uses high-quality equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products to ensure the best results.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Commercial pressure washing services are designed to clean and maintain the exterior of commercial buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, and other outdoor areas. These services can include pressure washing of buildings, concrete surfaces, parking garages, sidewalks, bleacher, schools and dumpster pads, among others.

The cost of commercial pressure washing services will vary depending on several factors, including the size of the area to be cleaned, the type of surface to be cleaned, and your location. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $5,000 for a commercial pressure washing service, but the cost can be higher or lower depending on the specific job requirements.

It is best to get quotes from several commercial pressure washing companies in your area to compare prices and services offered. It is also important to choose a reputable and experienced company that uses high-quality equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products to ensure the best results for your property.

Best Commercial Pressure Washing Company

Determining the best commercial pressure washing company will depend on several factors such as your specific needs, location, and budget. Some factors to consider when choosing a commercial pressure washing company include:

  1. Experience: Look for a company that has experience working on commercial properties and has a good reputation in the community.

  2. Equipment: Ensure that the company uses high-quality equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

  3. Services offered: Check what services are offered, such as exterior building cleaning, sidewalk and concrete cleaning, and parking lot cleaning.

  4. Price: Get quotes from several companies and compare prices to find a company that provides quality services at a fair price.

  5. References: Ask for references and read reviews from previous customers to ensure that the company provides quality services.

It is important to do your research and choose a reputable and experienced commercial pressure washing company that meets your specific needs. You can find potential companies by searching online for pressure washing services in your area or by asking for recommendations from friends, family, or other business owners.

Why Hire a Commercial Pressure Washing Company Kansas City?

In pressure washing size does matter. Let me explain. A store-bought pressure washer will have a 2.4 gallon per minute pump. We use 8 and 10 gallon per minute pumps. Just in water flow each machine can clean four time faster than a 2.4-gallon machine. The GPM water flow determines your speed of cleaning. Now take this time two machines and knowledge of cleaning and you see how this number grows even farther. This allows us to complete jobs in hours that would take the business owner days to complete.  

Let me explain a real-life situation. I had been watching our school’s maintenance crew pressure washing the outside wall of our school. They worked on it for about a week. The brick had algae grown all over the outside of the building. The crew had rented two cranes and two pressure washers and was using a water pressure blasting technique to clean the wall. This style of cleaning means your cleaning a wall with a 4 inch tip span. The workers had to get up close to the brick to pressure wash the wall.  Every inch up and down the wall using lifts all day. This was a long process. 

They were doing it the hard way because they did not know any better.

I offered to help them and the team kind of laugh at me but took me up on my offer. The next morning my father and I showed up and by the end of the day we had the whole school completed. The team was amazed.

The difference was our knowledge and our tools. We never left the ground on lifts because our commercial power washing equipment could spray 40 ft high, and our soft wash system allowed us to spray the proper chemical solution to clean the surface, so we did not have to use pressure to clean. The chemicals did all the work for us, and we just sprayed and rinsed.

This was a faster and easier method of brick restoration than the traditional high pressure cleaning method.

So, with this story do you think it might be important to hire a professional? One with all the right tools and knowledge. Don’t spend endless days of your weekend cleaning when you can call us, and we can get in and out in hours.

You Will Not Have To Worry About Lack Of Equipment

To properly pressure wash a home or commercial area it takes a lot of specialized equipment. This equipment is not only a significant up-front investment but also further investments in the form of maintenance and upgrades. Rather than worrying about having to find the right equipment yourself, then having to pay for it, you are much better off hiring a professional pressure washing company instead. 

Hiring a Professional Is Safer Than Doing the Job Yourself

If you decide to try to pressure wash your home or your commercial area yourself, you are subjecting yourself to the risk of possible injury. After all, you are going to be using water and probably standing on a ladder. That is a recipe for disaster. What happens if you fall? You could get seriously injured, which means big medical bills. Plus, a severe injury will also probably keep you from being able to go to work. Rather than risk all of this, why not simply hire a professional instead? 

KC Splash can efficiently get the job done and conduct the same job in minutes that would take homeowners hours. Take back those hours and leave the dirt and grime to us! 

Always remember it is not the pressure that cleans it is your chemical’s you use. KC Splash always uses both systems to clean. We use a soft wash system to treat the surface with chemicals and the come back with a pressure washer for final rinsing. It is the only way to leave a job site knowing the best results were achieved.

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