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We provide excellent residential pressure washing and soft washing services.

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Exterior House Cleaning Services List

Exterior House Soft Washing

We use a soft wash system to pre-treat you home with house washing chemicals then come back with a low-pressure power washing to obtain a thorough clean. This process will remove all dirt, grime and algae build up, leaving your paints bright in color again. Before you consider painting try a home soft wash. Many people will have this service done yearly just to keep their home looking its best. 

Roof Soft Washing

A roof wash in our area should last several years. We will apply a high concentration of Sodium Hypochlorite to remove the algae and mold that is growing on many roof tops. 

Wood Fence Cleaning

This is one of our favorite jobs. We apply just the right amount of Sodium Hypochlorite along with a fence surfactant to remove all stains and algae growth. After this we will complete the fence cleaning with a low pressure washing to remove any tough stains the chemicals did not remove completely. Rest assured your fence will look great again. This cleaning should look great the first year and then over time the algae will grow back.  Many people sign up for our yearly maintenance plan. Bit of advice: NEVER USE HIGH PRESSURE TO REMOVE STAINS this can destroy a fence. 

Wood Fence Restoration

This by far is our most hated job. Bringing back to life a wood fence that has been stained and left un maintenance. The easiest and cost effected way to restore this fence problem is to clean it and then re stain the fence. But in some cases our customers just don’t care for the look of the stain that had been applied and want to start over. We can help. We apply a heavy duty stain remover to the fence and then spends hours with high pressure removing the stain. Rest assured this can be done but it is not something a home owner would want to try by their selves. 

Vinyl Fence Cleaning

This is another one of our favorites. The before and after are always amazing and easy to accomplish for us. This cleaning process is just our combination soft wash and pressure wash cleaning. This cleaning should last for several years. 

Gutter Brightening

If a home has been left un maintenance for may years the gutters will get what we call tiger stripes on them. These stripes are ugly and make your home look dirty. We can clean these but this cleaning requires a special cleaner called gutter butter. We will not come out and do this service by it’s self but many people like to add this to the house wash when we are doing it. 

Exterior Window Cleaning

This is a popular add on for customers when getting a house soft wash. For a minimal charge we will clean the exterior windows of your home. Leaving your windows streak free and beautifully cleaned. This is a great add on to a home soft wash because a home soft wash will leave you home looking great but your window will have spots in them from the chemicals we use to clean your home. Normally this is less than $100 fee.  

Driveways and Front Enterence Cleaning

All of our driveway cleanings includes your front walkway and front porch. You can’t clean one with out cleaning the other because your cleaning will not look it’s best. So entryways and front porches are free with every driveway cleaning

For cleaning we use a combinations soft wash and surface cleaners to achieve the best results. We pre-treat your driveway with Sodium Hypochlorite to allow the chemical to work on dirt and grime. We then run our surface cleaners over the concrete to achieve maximum cleaning results. After the concrete has been cleaned we then come back with our high power pressure washer to deep clean and remove all remaining dirt and cleaning solution. For most driveways this is all you need and should last a long time. 

Patio and Pool Deck Cleaning

For patios with concrete and pavers we use a combinations soft wash and surface cleaners to achieve the best results. We pre-treat your concrete or pavers with 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite and a cleaning surfactant to allow the chemical to work on dirt and grime. After the chemicals have time to work we will then run our surface cleaners over the concrete or pavers to achieve maximum cleaning results. We then come back with our high power pressure washer to deep clean and remove all cleaning solution. For most concrete or pavers this is all you need and should last a long time. If patio area has plants or vegetation close to it rest assured we will apply chemical neutralizer to protect them.  

Additional Services and Solutions:

Pavers and Concrete Sealants

Seal your pavers or concrete for years to come.

Wood Deck and Fence Staining

We have partnered with several local staining companies to bring you the best cleaning and staining job the Northland has to offer. 

Rust Removal

We can remove most rust stains. We use oxalic acid, F9Barc, and a special rust remover from our local chemical plant Eaton Chemicals. We are fully armed and ready to remove rust stains. 

Oil Stain Removal

Oil stains are almost impossible to get out. Ninety percent of the time these stains are found on concrete. concrete is porous. If oil is left on the concrete for any period of time the oil will seep into the concrete making this impossible to fully clean. But you are in luck. We can lighten the stain because we have the chemicals to clean approximately 1/2 inch deep into the concrete to make this terrible stain look better.   

Tire Marks Removal

We have special formulated chemicals from Eaton Chemical that will remove tire marks. 

Vinyl Siding Oxidation Removal

We use EaCo Chem  Cleansol BC to remove oxidation on siding. Yes it can be cleaned without hand brushing. 

Battery Acid Removal

Battery Acid is a very difficult stain to remove. But we have achieved good result using our go to product F9 Barc. This process normally take two applications to receive desired results. 

Food Oils Removal

Yes we can remove these stains. Our local Chemical production plant comes through again with their Rinse Away product. 

Brick Restoration

If you have white calcium build up on your brick or stone F9 Efflorence is here to the rescue. 

Graffiti Removal

If you have been vandalized. Don’t worry we are here to the rescue. Elephant Snot will clean even the worse graffiti.

A Endless List

This list is endless but we probably have the right cleaning chemical to get the job done. Call us for free advice or better yet hire us to come get the job done. 

Pressure Washing Tips For Our DIY Friends

How To Properly Wash The Exterior Of Your Home?

  • Step 1- Never apply chemicals to a hot surface. This can cause chalking and a permanent discoloration of your paint or siding color. If your house is warm, cool it off with your garden hose or your pressure washer.
  • Step 2- Mix your cleaning solutions with warm water for proper dilution. 
  • Step 3- Apply water and chemical mix to the borders of the sidewall of the home you are washing. This will create a frame around the wall you are washing, and you will have less of a chance that you miss areas of cleaning.
  • Step 4- Work your way from the bottom of the home towards the top of your home. Working your way left to right then right to left in a horizontal method until you reach the top of your home. This will allow your chemical wash to stick to the surface of your walls and will create a better cleaning job. 
  • Step 5- Rinse out the soffits and side walls of your home. This will assure these parts of the wall are not left out. 
  • Step 6- Rinse from top to bottom applying water in the same left to right then right to left. This will create a waterfall technique that will allow water to run down the wall and reduce rinsing time. 
  • Step 7- Rinse the wall again to assure no residue is left on the wall. 
  • Step 8- Move to the next wall.

Tips For Exterior House Washing.

  • Always use the best chemicals possible- The better the chemical the better the cleaning job will be done. This will guarantee a happier homeowner with the results.
  • Always use a washing surfactant to allow chemicals to stick to the surface longer and not run-down the wall. This will allow chemicals to work longer on the side of your wall and produce better results.
  • Never let the washing solution dry on walls. Always keep moist while washing.
  • Never let the washing solution dry on windows. This can create premiant discoloring to glass.
  • To reach a two story or above roof eaves normally a four gallon per minute pressure washer or higher with shooter tips are required.
  • To remove mold and algae add 1% to 1.5% chlorine mix to your cleaning solution.
  • When applying liquid chlorine, always water down plants close to home. This will prevent them from dying.
  • Once your windows are clean and before they dry, have someone squeegee them off. This will create a beautiful clean window. Since you are there cleaning the outside of your home you might as well do the windows while you are at it.

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